Satellite Launch in Jiuquan


247 Technology cooperates with CCTV and provides the HoloLens app in the news report of China’s first quantum satellite launch on CCTV News (Chinese) Channel, where the reporter wore HoloLens and used the app to illustrate the structures of the quantum satellite and its launch process to the audience.

  • Simulate the interior structure of the quantum satellite
  • Be able to dismantle certain components to better illustrate the working principles of each part of the satellite
  • Simulate the launch process of the satellite
  • Have a panoramic view of the satellite



The Palace Museum (the Forbidden City)


Have a panoramic view of the large cultural relic tourist site, and give user not only a chance to have a bird view of the whole site as a miniature, but also the striking effect of being part of it

  • Display a holographic scene of the Forbidden City and palace interior
  • Give a detailed introduction of the museum with voice, word description, image, and video
  • Present the dynamic tourist traffic data of each palace



Real Estate


Present the 3D perspective of the whole layout of the real estate. User could select a building and have a look at the apartment layout; he/she could also enter the virtual room and view the room arrangements as if standing inside of it, and design the furniture interactively.