247 ADNetwork

The rise of Windows 10 has brought about huge opportunities for digital marketing. Having long been dedicated to Microsoft ecosystem, 247 Technology has upgraded its 247 ADNetwork based on the vast traffic of Windows 10 UWP apps, aiming to support advertisers to spread their brand influences to Windows 10 users via 247’s Windows 10 ADNetwork. So far, 247 Windows 10 ADNetwork’s ad requests come from as many as 240 countries and regions with daily ad request of 500-700 million. Its rich variety of ad formats and professional service have been acknowledged by more and more advertisers.

Rich Variety of Ad Formats Satisfies Diversified Needs

247 ADNetwork offers various offers various ad formats ranging from banner ads, interstitial ads, full screen ads, video ads, in-stream video ads, native ads, notification bar ads to incentive video ads. The rich variety of ad formats will satisfy diversified needs of developers and advertisers and help them achieve maximized benefits.

Precise positioning, Targeted goal

With diversified technologies and multiple methods including dynamic creatives and automation, 247 ADNetwork makes accurate positioning and distribution and supports distribution according to region, time, network environment and media category, offering the ad content that target users are interested in and maximizing developer and advertiser benefit.

 Professional Backend Management

247 ADNetwork provides multi-dimensional reports presenting various sorts of data, and all the reports support output and viewing via Excel or other report software. The clear and accurate charts and graphs, with convenient operation,offers deep effect analyses for advertiser and developer’s decision-making.