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Windows 10 Game Service Expert 247 Technology and GMGC Visit Northern Europe to Explore the Game World

Windows 10 Game Service Expert 247 Technology and GMGC Visit Northern Europe to Explore the Game World

Founded by Global Mobile Game Confederation (GMGC), GMGC Baltic Mobile Game Delegation arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark on September 11 and started its nine-day visit of top game companies in four Baltic countries. As the honored member of GMGC and Windows 10 game global one-stop service expert, 247 Technology joined the trip and came to explore the mysterious game world of Northern Europe.

For the first stop, the delegation visited the founder of Unity, David Helgason. The Elite Figure of 2014 in the game industry welcomed us with his three-year-old daughter. Helgason firmly believes that in the future, Unity will pay more attention on the building of developer community and Unity will be more open-source (free). The affiliated Unity Adnetwork will also offer downloading and traffic service for developers. Into the near future, Unity is also trying to provide technological engine support for VR and AR. This visit kicked off Mobile Game Baltic Executives Trip successfully.


CTO of 247 Technology, Dr. Hao Ding joins the delegation

In the following days, the delegation visited MAG Interactive, Supercell, DoDreams and other famous game companies. Among them, the most well-known is Rovio, whose popular game Angry Birds has been downloaded more than 3 billion times since launch. Its cartoons have been viewed 5 billion times above. Vice President of Rovio, Miikka Lindgren introduced Rovio’s actions in Chinese market, and he also announced that the animation film of Angry Birds will be on air in the United States in May 2016. A month before the film, Rovio will also release a game globally based on the film. Developed by Rovio, the game will also be open for cooperation with third-party publisher, according to Lindgren. GMGC delegation consented to believe the release of the animation will play a pivotal role in the success of Rovio in its Angry Birds games, and delegation members also delivered good will in cooperating with the game company. As the Windows 10 game service expert, 247 Technology gives high focus and hope on Angry Birds, expecting the game series can shine grandly on Windows 10.


The delegation’s discussion with Rovio

Based on stats from channel publishers, Windows Phone as the third largest smartphone platform has 30 million end users in China. Microsoft published Windows 10 this late July and made it available on PC and smartphone, bringing a large number of potential users to Windows Phone. This also attracts large game companies in China and around the world to divert to Microsoft’s new platform. As the leading Windows 10 game global one-stop service expert that has been dedicated in this field for many years, 247 Technology is among the first group of companies to attain the certification to Xbox One game development in China, and we will support game publishers and developers in fast porting their games to Windows 10, and use our unique resources to help them promote their games fast on WP channels.

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