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Smartphone Embraces Double-Display, 247 Technology to Cobuild the New Ecosystem

Smartphone Embraces Double-Display, 247 Technology to Cobuild the New Ecosystem

On September 15, 2015, the world-famous EPD device producer E Ink and its partners Siswoo Mobile Technology, Vanzo Communication, IReader Technology and 247 Technology held the E-Paper Display Smartphone Application Seminar in Shenzhen, China. On the seminar, E Ink also announced the whole-package solution of Software Timing Controller (aka. Software TCON). This solution needs no exterior Hardware TCON, therefore it is more efficient, cuts more costs and can largely simplify client’s product developing procedures. It is a good choice to be applied in mobile terminal devices such as double-display smartphones and EPD displays, making e-paper display more convenient and flexible to use.

And more excitingly, Chinese first E Ink double-display smartphone, Russian YotaPhone 2’s great competitor, R9 DarkMoon will also apply this new solution to bring about a brand new double-display experience for users. Brought by the new brand Siswoo, R9 DarkMoon is equipped with an E Ink display on its back, and phone user can read on that display as reading a real book. It is an absolutely great news for e-book fans, also making China the next country that is able to create double-display phones in the world.


E Ink Seminar Scene

The front of Siswoo R9 DarkMoon is a 5-inch IPS 1920×1080 display, and its back is a 4.7-inch E Ink 960×540 display in the same specs with YotaPhone. The EPD only consumes electricity when it is refreshing images, and this special principle makes it very energy-friendly. Moreover, EPD has better reflectivity and contrast ratio than ordinary LCD, and it is regarded as the display closest to paper thus very suitable for reading.


R9 DarkMoon

EPD with its unique advantages is favored by a number of smartphone brands, and the new R9 DarkMoon also marks the new era of double-display smartphone. And the questions come as well: How does the back display match with the front display? What connects the main display and the EPD? And who will build up the whole ecosystem of EPD smartphones? The perfect solution provider on the back is — 247 Technology.

As the global strategic partner with R9 DarkMoon’s back EPD launcher and provider E Ink Holdings Inc., 247 Technology’s long-time independent R&D team has top-class professional developing experiences, and it will surely offer double-display smartphones perfect solutions and make sure these devices run smoothly and create superb user experiences. On top of that, the team will also develop abundant applications for the EPD ecosystem. As the forerunner of the field, 247 Technology will set up new standards and principles for the ecosystem. With its user-centered enforceable ecosystem construction, updating plans and standardized, customized solutions, 247 Technology will create the brand new double-display smartphone user experience. The real double-display era is coming!


CEO of 247 Technology Mr. Ben Zhang delivering a speech on the seminar

[Company Introduction] 247 Information Technology focuses on mobile Internet industry on its early stage, and the company is dedicated to offering novel visual effects, wonderful proposal designs and maximized media efficient services for our clients with our integrated exploration into mobile media in a brand new mobile era. In addition, our R&D center based in Wuhan excels at the most creative and valuable game developing/porting and operation/publishing for Windows 10 and Xbox One. We will break the traditional mindset of Internet service provider, using the 24/7/365 cloud calculation to provide our clients and developers with the excelsior one-stop service for Windows 10/EPD ecosystem.

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