247 Technology’s Three Core Services Will Actualize Your Digital Transition.

247 Technology owns advertising, gaming, IoT, AR and other businesses. Its rich resources adding its diligent cultivation in Microsoft ecosystem will help you fast connect with Microsoft resources and realize your digital transformation.

247 ADNetwork

247 ADNetwork helps you to achieve more accurate application of advertising and scientific management cost. Integration of cloud computing, big data, and machine learning techniques, help advertisers and developers get win-win within Microsoft ecosystem.

247 GameStudio

From mobile game to independent game, we do not forget the “game” beginner’s mind. We have independent development team, planning team and operation team, and has independently developed, agency issued dozens of game, and truly ecological…

247 MR

HoloLens has brought a fresh perspective and IOT opened new intelligent life.The leading product vision of Zhijiang technology solute cross-industry product, help enterprises to complete the digital transformation.

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